Best Tutorial How to Learn to play Craps for Beginner

Thanks for stopping in so you want to learn how to play craps. If you wrote, walk into casino and hear people hollering and yelling and screaming to the top of their lungs, giving each other high-fives complete strangers, then you go check it out and you put the table. It looks like something really complicated.

All these chips, different colors, dice money coming and going a stick moving around like he’s, trying to hit somebody’s hand, pretty intimidating, isn’t it well, it was intimidating to me until I started learning the game and for the most part, it’s pretty easy and it’s really fun. If you’ve never played it, and you learn how to play it, it could be really excited the first rule. As you know, is you don’t want to play with the money you can’t afford to lose? Okay, so let’s learn how to play when you walk up to the table. You’Ll see four men from the casino working there.

If you look at the chart here, the top center portion there you’ll see the box band. The box. Man is usually sitting down.

He’S more experienced in the other three guys he’s constantly watching. What’S going on the types of bets, if they’re betting correctly, if the dealers in the stickman are doing their job, if he sees something that going right, he’ll tell the dealer the stick man to correct it: 99.9 % of time the box man is dressed to the Nines he’s usually in a suit the dealer’s and the stick man. If they have any questions they go to the Box man, the box.

Man, is the boss. He usually stays there for longer times than the dealer’s than the stick. Man, the stick, man rotate. If you look on the upper right hand corner that dealer will rotate to the stick man position, so you have a new dealer communion, so he takes over the guy on the upper right hand, side. That dealer then moves to the stick man position and takes over the stick man’s job. The stick man then moves to the upper left-hand corner to that dealer position.

While that dealer goes and takes a break, this happens approximately every half an hour to an hour. Everybody switches except the box man, the Box man stays the Box. Man is the guy that the dealers and the stick man when you come in and play and you lay your money down the dealers and the stick. Men give the money to the box: man.

Okay: let’s talk about the basic game, let me break it down to you, so it’s fairly easy.

Let’S say I had the numbers. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12, and I told you pick one number. Let’S say you picked the number six now I hand you two dice and say roll as many times until you get a six. Let’S say you roll once twice three times four times the fifth time. Now you roll six and you win pretty simple huh.

Now, if the rules were like this you’d be winning a lot of money, but the casinos don’t make money by you, winning they make money by you losing, so they try to change the odds so now, okay, so this is what they did. What they did was they gave you less numbers, which is the four five six eight nine and ten, and they said when you throw the dice the first time. That’S going to be your point number. In other words, let’s say you throw the dice and you come up with a eight.

That’S your point: you don’t choose the point. The dice chooses for you on the first roll okay, so you get the dice, you throw them and let’s say an eight comes up. That’S your point for you to win. You have to roll an eight again this.

You know a second time, so you keep rolling until you have an eighth. Let’S say you roll once twice and you roll an eight you want, but they added some additional rules. They said, okay on the first roll, when you’re trying to establish a point, because that’s what you’re doing is trying to establish a point on the first roll if you roll a 7 or 11 on the first roll, you automatically win.

So, let’s say, for instance, because they’re, a 7 and 11 is not in those numbers, correct. So let’s say the first roll. You you throw is a 7.

You win. If you roll 11, you win, but if you on the first roll, if you throw a 2 a 3 or a 12, you lose again. If you roll a 2 on the first time you roll, you could roll a 2 3 or 12. You lose okay. So you’ve established a point, meaning that on the first roll you didn’t hit a 7 or 11 8 and you didn’t lose with a 2 3 and a 12.

So let’s say you got the number 8. So 8, is your point after you established the point and you’re trying to roll to hit your point in this case the 8. If you roll a 7 before you hit the 8, you lose so while you’re rolling 1 2 3 times to get the 8. If you hit a 7, you lose and essentially that’s the game now, there’s more to it and we’ll get into it, but that’s essentially the game. Ok, so let’s go to the craps table now! Okay, so when you walk up to a craps table, this is kind of what you’re gon na see.

90 % of the craps tables are gon na look like this. They changed from design, but essentially they all look the same. I know it looks a little intimidating, but if you look at it you can see on top the number like we talked about before the four five six, eight nine and ten.

So you see that up on the upper left hand side. You can also see it on the right hand, side. So you’re wondering why do they have two numbers or two sets of numbers but you’re, seeing essentially as two game boards or or two sides? You have a left side and a right side, and what it is, is two games being played at the same time or two areas being played at the same time.

That’S why you have to do this, one on the left and one on the right of the box. Man in this reverse view, they’re watching each side. So I know this looks a little intimidating. So what I’m going to do is we’re going to show you half the board, because when you play you’re only looking at half the board okay, when you walk up to a table, one of the first things you want to look for is to find out what The minimum bets you’re allowed to make at that table. Typically, there are five dollar tables, ten dollar tables, twenty five dollar tables and fifty dollar tables, and on up so what you’re looking for is a five dollar table.

So what you’re looking for is a card or a placard somewhere inside the table. You see around them whether to dealers or the Box. Man are sitting and it kind of looks like this it’ll say craps table in minimum. You know say: it’ll say $ 5, minimum it’ll, say ten, twenty five and so on and also say: what’s your maximum bet is and then I’ll have the odds which are on the bottom three times odds four times five times lots and we’ll get into that later. But that’s what you’re looking for is you want to find out the what the minimum bit is?

Okay, so we’re going to do now, so we’re going to walk up to the table and we’re going to give the dealer our money. So we can play we’re going to be standing on the left side of the table, which would be the right side of the box. Man. Okay, when should you put your money down? What you’re looking for is that white puck when that puck is on? Don’T put your money down because the game is still in play, but you want to do is wait till it goes off once it’s off.

You can put your money down alright, so we’re gon na get our cash or we’re gon na put it right at the come bar there to come area we’re giving them 200 cash, then the dealer’s gon na take the cash he’s gon na hand it over to The Box man, the box man, then, is gon na grab the money he’s gon na count it out. So the cameras can see how much money you’ve given him so there’s a recording of it. Usually they give you $ 100 in nickels and for $ 25 chips. Once the box, man sets your chips up, he hands them over to the dealer.

Then the dealer then hands them over to you and he’ll put him in the come area. It’S your responsibility to take the chips off the table and put them in the rack. Okay, this is something that wasn’t taught to me in the very beginning.

If I wanted to place a bet, where do I put the chips, and where am I allowed to put my chips? This is the area where you can place your bets. It’S sort of like a self-serve area, the four five six, eight nine ten area that belongs to the dealer, you’re not allowed to put any chips in that area. If you want to place a bet up there, you can put it in the come area until your dealer will kind of bet you want to place, then there’s the area on the far right bottom there. Those are the proposition bet areas you don’t want to put any chips there again, those are being watched by the stickman. If you want to place a bet there, just let the stickman know put the chips in the cum area and he’ll grab them and no place.

The bit that you want okay, so when do we know when it’s our turn well, as you can see by the arrows the games, the game moves in a clockwise motion and we’re standing where that yellow dot is so when do you know it’s your turn? Well, it’s when the guy on the right side of you hits a seven and loses the stickman will tell you: are you playing or do you want to play and you’ll? Of course answer yes or no!

This is where the choice you make could change your life forever with all the money getting win, or it could turn out to be the biggest mistake in your life just kidding, okay, we found a five dollar table and replace five dollar chip on the pass line. The dealer now is going to slide over five dice you’re gon na pick two dice out of the five. You can only use one hand to grab the dice. You can’t use two hands, you always use one hand, even when you’re shaking the dice. Okay, you got the dice in your hands and you’re shaking them or do you thrown? Let me show you on this chart.

Okay, currently, we are the yellow dot, we’re gon na pick up the dice and we’re gon na throw them against the wall where the yellow arrows at. If we were on the right side of the table, the red dot we’re gon na, throw it with the red arrows at against the wall. When you throw the dice, it must hit the wall for it to count. So with all that said now, we can begin to play craps we’re gon na put a $ 5 chip on the pass line. Why do we put on the pass line? Well, 90 % of the people play the pass line and this is the reason why, okay, if you look at this chart, you can see the dice how many combinations it takes to make the number.

So if you look at two, you can see there’s only one way to make it. If you look at three there’s two ways: four there’s three ways: five there’s four ways: six five ways and the most is seven there’s six ways to make a seven. But then, if you look at eight there’s, less of a combination, which is five nine is 4 10 is 3.

11 is 12 is one way, so you can see the many different ways now, if you remember the chart in the beginning, if you remember in the beginning, I said on the first roll: if you roll a 7 or 11, you win, but if you roll a 2 3 and a 12 you lose now. Let’S go back to the chart. Ok, as you can see, in the blue boxes a 7 and 11, you have 8 different ways or 8 chances of winning. Now look at the red boxes. You have four chances of losing the red box.

You can see, there’s 4 combinations to lose, but in the blue box, there’s 8 combinations to win, so your chances of winning are pretty high. Remember this only applies to the first roll of the dice. If you don’t hit the red box or the blue box, then you hit the other numbers: 2. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. And those are your point numbers. So that’s why people play the pass line, there’s a higher percentage of winning and that’s why?

If you hit a 7 on the first roll everybody’s playing the pass line, if you win, they all weigh in and that’s why they jump up and down because you won, which means they also won. Okay, we’ve got our chips. We place. Our pass line bet dealer has handed us five dice to pick out of. We pick out two we’re gon na roll 7-eleven. We wind two three and twelve, we lose.

The number is 10. The point is 10. The dealer moves the puck on the on position to ten you roll again for nothing.

Six, nothing remember we’re trying to roll a 10-7 we lose dealer takes our chip. Putt goes off and it goes to the next player to the left of me. So, let’s try it again: counseling bit craps three: we lose dealer takes a chip place. Another pass line bet 9.

The point is 9 okay. Now we want to roll a nine. We don’t want a seven, because if we roll a seven, we lose five. Eight six, eight nine we win leader plays this. Even money turns the puck off. It’S our responsibility to take the chips off the table.

Okay, to roll again, remember: seven, eleven first roll wins two three twelve, we lose eight. The point is, eight dealer takes the puck puts it on on to signify that the point is eight three craps, nothing, two craps, nothing, five, nothing, five! Nothing! You want to hit an eight to win.

We hit a seven. It was six, nothing, five, nothing. 9. 6. 9. 9.

10. 9. 6.

5. 11. 9.

8. We win dealer pays us even money, it turns the puck off now you know how to play the basic game of craps. Now, let’s look at placing odds or taking odds. Have you ever been at a racetrack and you get a tip on a hot horse or you had a casino, and someone tells you that a slot machine is paying out.

So you go there to play that machine, hoping that it does exactly what they said. Well, the same thing here with the pass line, odds bet or taking odds taking the odds bet on the pass line is the best bet in the house. Let me show you how to do that. Ok, so we’re going to do a pass line bet and what we need to do is establish a point. So let’s say we roll a four dealers.

Gon na move the puck from off to the on position on. For now we can make our odds bet we’re gon na put one unit behind our five dollar pass line bet and we roll and let’s say you, roll a four Wynn correct. What is the pay on your pass line bit? You get paid even money, so you get five dollars on your odds. Bet you get paid two to one, so you get $ 10 for everyone once you’ve on pick up your winnings. What if you put two units on the Oz bet?

What would that pay? The pass line bet gets paid even money, one to one. So that’s five dollars the odds bet you get paid to two one. Two times two equals four.

You have two units, so that’s four units you get paid, which is $ 20. Now what? If we bet?

Three units: well, as you know, the pass line bet pays one to one. So that’s five dollars. The odds bet gets paid two to one so 2 times.

3 is 6. So that’s 6 units 6 units equals $ 30. You won $ 30. Don’T forget to take your chips off the table now?

What if you wanted to put 4 chips on the table, can you do that? No, you can’t why not because the casino won’t, let you well, how do you know that? Well, do you remember the chart in the very beginning that we were looking at this one? If you look on the chart on the bottom left, where it says 3 times 4 times 5 times odds, that’s what it’s referring to. The 3 applies to the 4 and the 10.

The 4 applies to the 5 and the 9, and the five times applies to the 6 and 8. What does it mean? It means the max cause you can play on the forum.

The tan is three times. How can i play more money on the for intent? Is there any way of doing that?

Well, yes, you can instead of betting. One unit on the pass line bet two units instead and what that’s gon na do is give you double times the odds two times the odds so now two times three is six. Six is the max odds you can have on two units, but is it pay? Well, it pays even money on the pass line. So that’s ten dollars. Okay, on the odds bet it’s two to one, so you have six two times.

Six is twelve twelve times five equals sixty dollars. You won $ 60. Okay, here’s another way to look at it. I put this simple spreadsheet together, it’s the pass line, odds bets, you would place on the four and ten remember Max’s odds you can play is three times so you have one unit, meaning the five dollars that she initially put on the pass line.

Okay, so because you have one unit that allows you to bit max up to three times, that’s this here three times but we’re all gon na. You know you know just for teaching purposes we’re going to put one unit down. So that’s the one unit we’re gon na have one unit here, one five dollars: that’s this here. One unit equals five dollars, so the odds on the four and ten are two to one.

So two times your bet so two times five equals ten. If you put down two units, which is ten dollars, it’s two times: 10 equals 20. That’S if you put two units to five dollar chips here, you can put three three chips equals $ 15, so you have three chips here and that would equal $ 15. It pays 2 to 1, so 3 1.

It would pay 2 times. 15 equals 30. So hopefully this kind of shows you what what the breakdown is on, taking the odds on the pass line. Okay, so now we were talking about if you want to increase that.

So you would instead of putting one unit here on the pass line. You would put two units. So let’s change this to two and see what happens now that we change this to two units. Would it be $ 10? It would be 2 times. 1 would be 2, so you’d have 2 units here and those 2 units would equal $ 10, so 2 times 10 equals 20 2 times.

2 units is 4 so 4 times $ 5 is $ 20 correct. So now 2 times 20 equals 40 and that’s what you would win if you put 4 chips down because you now you’re using 2 units. So now, if you move on 2 times, 3 originally was 3, but now you’ve doubled it.

So now this turns into 6. So 2 times 3 is 6 6 $ 5 chips down here equals $ 30 right. Okay, if you won, the payoff would be 2 times, 30 equals 60, and then you can.

You know I mean you can go as high as you want. Whatever your the tables max bets is, I think, throw it down like $ 3,000, you can bet to maximum $ 3. You know whatever combination.

Let’S we put this to three see what happens you know these bets just keep going up, so hopefully that helps a little bit. Okay. Now, let’s learn how to take odds on the 5 and 9. Okay, we’ve established the point 5.

These rules also apply to the 9. So since we have a single bet on the pass line, can we put one chip or one unit of 5 dollars behind the pass line? Well, you could, but the arts are three to two or in simple math one and a half one and a half times your bet.

So if you look at this chart, so you can see on this chart here taking odds on the 5 and 9. The odds are three to two or in simple math and one and a half times your bet. So if we bet five dollars or one unit five times one and a half equals 750, the casino doesn’t give out change. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to round it down to seven dollars, so you’re going to lose 50 cents, so the better bet is to get six dollars six and a half times one and a half equals nine.

So it’s the better bet. You don’t lose any money. Okay. Now. These rules remember also apply to the nine. So we’ve established our point, which is the five we’ve put our odds, bed or we’re taking the odds and that’s the six dollars and we roll and we hit a 5 and we win now.

What does this pay? Well, your 5 and 9 pays even money on the pass line, and your single unit of six dollars pays nine dollars. What if we played two units on the 5 and 9, what would that pay?

Well, it would pay even money on the pass line and your two units of 10 dollars would get paid $ 15. Ok. Now what? If we played three units? Well in order for you to get paid correctly, you have to put down $ 16 now.

What would that pay? Well, it would pay even money on the pass line and on your three units of $ 16, it would pay $ 24. Now being the five and nine we’re allowed to play four times odds. So what if we put down four times odds? What would we get paid? Well again, your pass line would get paid even money, and your four units of $ 20 gets paid $ 30.

Okay, let’s look at our spreadsheet now. Hopefully this will break it down for you a little bit better. So you get a better visual, what the numbers look like, so here’s, our five and nine okay on the five nine we get 4 times odds okay. So if you bet one unit, remember one unit here, it’s just five dollars. If we place one unit, we remember we had to use six dollars and that’s where the six dollars as it goes here behind the line so one and a half times the bet so 1.5 times six equals nine. So the payout is nine okay.

So if we do two units, two units would be ten: okay, 1.5 times, 10 equals 15. Okay. If we use three units, when we say three units would be 16 dollars here. Okay, so it’ll be three five: zero one. Okay, three units equals 16. We have to pay 16 that way we get an even number okay on the payout here so 1.5 times 16 equals 24.

Now, like I was saying, the five and nine allows us not three times but four times odds. So we get a one more chip. We get to add it so for one unit we can do fortune for four units, so four units equals $ 20 four times: five equals 20, okay, so one and a half times: 20 equals 30, okay and the same thing. Now, if we wanted to get, you know two, if we wanted to win more play more odds, you know we would have to put two units or ten dollars here on the pass line. So if we did that, let’s just change this number here, okay, so what we’re gon na do now is we’re going to change this these units to from one to two again, instead of putting five dollars we’re going to put ten dollars two units here on the Pass line?

Okay, so if we move this to two units see how this increases now. Okay, so we’re allowed two units. Remember we had to pay the six dollars now two times six equals twelve okay, so the the payout on that would be one and a half times. 12 equals eighteen, okay, so two units times two is four.

So five dollars four times five is ten ma. Excuse me, 20, so one and a half times 20 equals 30 okay. So, and if you want to increase this, obviously, if we go to three those odds, you know I mean that you know you have to come up with more money.

It’S to get more of a payout, so hopefully this explains it a little bit easier. Okay, now we’re gon na learn how to take odds on the last group of numbers, the 6 and the 8, with the 6 and the 8. This time we get 5 times the odds, this one’s pretty simple. This bet pays 6 to 5 for every $ 5. It pays $ 6. Now we put our $ 5 on the pass line, which is one unit we roll, we get a six.

Six is our point: now we put our odds bet and we put a $ 5 chip behind the line. What is a pay? The single unit, odds bet for the six and eight pays even money on the pass line and the single unit odds bet gets paid. Six dollars now what if you would have taken odds on two units?

What does that pay? Well again, it pays even money on the pass line and for your two units it pays $ 12 and of six. Now, let’s look at as if we take an odds with three units $ 15.

Well again, it pays even money on the pass line and with your three units, it pays eighteen, okay, now what does four units pay? Well again, the pass line gets even money and four chips. 4 times 6 is 24.

You win $ 24. Now the sixth and the eighth are the only numbers that you get five times odds. So what is it paint?