Craps for Beginners

Well, the pass line gets even money and five times six, you win $ 30. Once again, don’t forget to pick up your chips. Okay. So let’s look at the spreadsheet again with the six and eight here’s, our six and eight.

The odds are five times, so you allowed five times for one unit. So here’s one unit it pays. The odds are six to five, which means for every five dollars you put down. It pays six, so we’re gon na play weight. You know we get a single unit here which will be on the past line, so we’re gon na play one unit on the Oz bed of five dollars six times one equals six and that’s what you would get paid so for two units you’d have to put Down ten dollars so two times six equals twelve.

Twelve is what you would win. If you put down three units which would be fifteen dollars, babies three times, six equals eighteen and that’s what you would get paid. If you put down four units would be $ 20. So four times six equals 24 and that’s what you would win now, if you paid, if you played five units, would be five times six or maybe five times, five dollars, which could be $ 25, so five times, six equals 30 and that’s what you would win Now again, this is for single for a single unit, the odds for single unit.

Again, we get five times, two, the odds. So if you wanted to bet more money or put down more money, we would have to change the unit’s up here. We would have to put two chips, so, let’s see what happens when we put two chips, so we change that to two. So we change this to two.

Now you can see how much increase so 2 units of 1 so 2 times. 1 is 2, so 2 times 5 is 10, so it would pay $ 12. So this would be really 2 here so 2 times. 6 is 12. 2 times 2 is 4, so 4 times 5 is 20, so 4 times 6 is 24, so 2 times 3 would be 6, so 6 times 5 equals 30. That’S what you would put down for the bed.

Okay, so 6 times. 6 is 36. Okay. So now they get 4 times. Excuse me, 2 times, 4 equals 8, so 8 times 5 is 40 dollars. You would have to put $ 40 yeah.

Okay, so now 8 times 6 is 48. That’S what you wouldn’t win. So now we go to 2 times. 5. Is 10 so 10 times 5 is 50 dollars we put down for the odds, bet your max odds.

Bed for 2 units would be 50 dollars. Okay, so 10 times 6 equals 60. Of course you know again if you want to bet more money depending on what your table allows. I think I put down $ 3,000, so you know you can increase these units here. Let’S say we put 3 chips.

Okay, let’s do the step 3. So now you can see okay, so 3 times 5 is 15 15 times. 5 is 75, so 15 times 6. You would win 90 dollars out of your $ 75 bet.

Okay, anyway, again, I hope this. You know kind of helps you in break it down. When I did this visually, I understood more about what was going on with the with the odds bets. So hopefully, this helps okay, let’s put what we’ve learned and see how it applies to the game again we’re going to play the pass line and we’re gon na take bets. So are we gon na just you know, to play $ 5, so we’re gon na place $ 5 on the pass line evolve. You can see.

We had a thousand dollars starting bank here, so we get a nine, so the nine they’re gon na wager five dollars and six. So we can get paid nine and we’re just deleting one what you got one unit so we’re just going to do one unit they’re in a roll. We got an eight you’re gon na roll.

Again you got a seven. We lost that’s okay, five dollars on the pass line, you roll, we got a six six, we don’t play some odds bit there. It’S same excellence is 25, those two Mac sauce $ 25 and the odds roll eight we roll 12, 3 craps. 8. 8. 9.

8. 5, 8. 7 out. We lost okay, let’s try it again: 71 first row, number 7 and 11 on the first roll wins: 2, 3 and 12. We lose 10 6.

It’S good! Let’S get some logs up there. It’S just plain double odds: it’s gold next slides and they only allow 15 3 times. Remember the odds on the 4 and 10. Here we have 5, you got a 8/8 you’ve got 19 about 8 to 9.

There’S our six. You missed craps 7 out shut again for get it all up there, eight nine four we want, so you won the five dollars and two times odds. We have 15 so 2 times. 15 is 30. So you want $ 30 only about this matter, so we want 35.

Okay, you can see what we won here. Okay, so, let’s go find back then looks like we’re done. 25 bucks, okay, everyone again for five dollars, because the 7-eleven first row wins here. We got an eight let’s go ahead and leave that one okay, we’re down just four bucks.

What’S wrong! Ten! That’S another tough one, though let’s try his disappearance back sort of it happened. 15 row, 7 October, again, 6. Let’S get back sauce on there, which is 25 5, so it out again sheesh for let’s get back sauce up.

There happen every 41 135 we’re down what 19 bucks let’s get up there again $ 25 were up 16 bucks. Okay, 71. On the first roll we’re up 21 bucks, six, let’s go back slots on the six, which is 2574. No, it’s gon na be fine. Let’S get back songs over there.

You don’t have to play max on so you can babe one two or three, but we’re just playing this go max well by the way, do not play online gambling because you’ll never win. It’S rare that you’ll win. I’M not saying you don’t win! It’S just that! There’S more people losing on there than winning. What you want to do is go into a brick-and-mortar casino, where it’s regulated.

They have inspectors coming in making sure everything is being done correctly. State inspectors, so don’t ever play online craps. You know, of course, we’re just here. Practicing and playing, but if you’re seriously gon na play craps practice here, but don’t go online and put money, go to your brick-and-mortar casino. You have better odds, they’re, better chances of winning. Okay.

Let’S roll three craps three 10-8, we’re looking for this five and we don’t want some six 7l max, also not good crops to lost aircraft. You know 11, we 171, perhaps three we lost so who won? First rule: seven, eight!

Twenty eight! Let’S get back size up there, you know spikes nice, too, six-four eight. We won 35 bucks cool.

So now we’re just down 2012. We won. Oh, we lost scuse me two three and twelve. You lose in the first row. Eight, our point: let’s go max odds.

Let’S mix on nine nine, a lot of muffins Wow $ 35 $ 11. Five, that’s gon na be a tough like there, but we’ll play it any! Oh, hey! We won that one awesome bro! Almost 50 bucks, 8 we’ve been hitting aids since going back sods 9:8. We want it another $ 35 ruff 81 bucks whose 71 on the first roll nice five that’s gon na, be a tough one, but we won the last time.

Let’S go max odds, seven out, bummer, okay, 71! On the first roll nice, eight, my gosh again a little tough, but if it hit eight tonight lose seven out, bummer and I know came night shoot. We should have played two chips there, but we wouldn’t known but we’ll play mac salons anyway. Perhaps three: it’s pretty much a doll on the wings so far, but even now, five, six, nine seven! So you can see how luck absent flows max once yes for 391 I’ve got that 167 out. What happens six now?

That should be an easy number, because there’s more ways to make a six and eight, then there is a five and nine and a four and ten. So the odds are on in our favor, except for the seven. The seven has six ways of making a seven. The six and eight has five ways of making a six of eight. We want it case, we’re up 26 bucks. So anyway, you can see.

You know I mean go online, there’s a lot of these practice online websites. Okay, guys! This is how you play basic craps. The pass line bet and how to take odds on the pass line to get really good, takes a lot of practice, there’s a bunch of different strategies and there’s more to playing craps. So please stay tuned. I have other videos coming out.

Please subscribe and, of course, like again I have more videos coming out so stay tuned thanks for watching thanks a lot. You guys we’ll see you at my next video on four crap. Oh